Dear Mr. McWherter,

Now that all the work is done and the bills are paid, the Board of Directors would like to send some special thanks to Staalsen Construction Company.  The men who worked here were excellent tradesmen and gentlemen.  It is no easy chore to open up ceilings, pull steel beams through the building and then to put it all back together again, especially when the units are occupied.

Special praise goes to Seaby Bess.  He was always available and went out of his way to make our unit owners happy.  Most importantly, he followed through and contracted out the smaller jobs that were unexpected and surfaced during the construction.  When Seaby and the men in blue shirts finished the job, our building was in much better condition

On behalf of the unit owners and Board of Directors, we thank you for the beautiful balconies.


Amelia “Mickey” Kelly President, Banbury Hill Condominium Association