Dear Chuck,

Rarely in life are we given the opportunity to thank someone for a truly outstanding effort.  An effort that goes beyond the limits of any contract and is performed with the unselfish desire to reach one’s God given potential.  Your company’s work at Joy! Lutheran Church is such an effort.  Words cannot begin to describe our appreciation at all Staalsen has done to make our dream, our first building, a reality (but we will try).

When we first met at the preconstruction conference, we (Owner, Architect and Contractor) agreed to work together for a successful project.  Most construction projects start this way, but towards the end selfish desires usually breakdown the teamwork.  In our case, all of the parties followed Staalsen’s example of teamwork from beginning to end.  Staalsen’s cooperation with the Architect and us throughout the project achieved a level of trust and understanding rarely found in today’s business world.  This resulted in a project that fell within our budget, was completed ahead of schedule and exceeded our expectations of quality.  So please accept our heart felt thank you for all you have done for us at Joy!

Lutheran Church.  And please share this thank you with all of the Staalsen employees who worked on our project.  We are proud of the fact that the name Staalsen Construction Co. is cast in bronze on the dedication plaque at our front door.  We wish you continued success and God’s blessings.


Mark Rounds
Building Chairman
Joy Lutheran Church