Dear Friends:

Recently, in just reflecting on the lovely place of worship known as the Oakbrook Terrace Corps building, the thought occurred to me that I had not written to say “thank you” to you and all those associated with your company, in working with us at The Salvation Army in bringing this to fruition.

I just had the opportunity last week to participate in some activities at Oakbrook Terrace, and saw the useful configuration of the building being used in many sections all at the same time.  Also, it was my opportunity to see the new wall between the sides of the gym.  What a great addition that is to the flexibility and utilization of the building.

Again we say thank you for working through all the unique challenges of this particular construction project.  We shall look forward to working with you on other occasions in the future.

Yours truly,

Lt. Colonel Gary L. Herndon DIVISIONAL COMMANDER