Mr. Chuck McWherter,

At this writing, I have just returned from our initial meeting at which you presented to me  line drawings  for the potential renovation and addition to the Oakbrook Terrace Corps.

Although I cannot give you any leads on the decisions that will be made, I thought that it would only be appropriate for me to write to you and express our heartfelt appreciation for all the work that went into the preparation of this material.

So often there are things that we ask you to do that either are not followed up on, or abandoned, for whatever reason, after you have gone to some level of expense to provide us with the data.

It would be most inappropriate for me not to express our thanks and appreciation to you for these very generous courtesies that you extend to The Salvation Army^”

It is always good to work with you.  Our mutual respect and appreciation of each other only provides a very positive working-together environment and I want you to know that we appreciate that.


Now that the Dedication of the Oakbrook Terrace building is complete, I would like to express to you as the president of Staalsen Construction Company our appreciation for the opportunity of having worked with you.

The quality of service that we receive from you and your associates was much appreciated.

This was a difficult project for us in that there were so many diverse  opinions  on  almost  every  issue.  Nonetheless,  your organization worked well with us and was supportive in every way.  We  look  forward  to  future  positive  events  with  Staalsen Construction Company.

Sincerely yours,


The Salvation Army