In most instances the negotiated general contract is the better option for most clients. Staalsen completes most projects as a negotiated general contract.

Here is how it works:

Staalsen agrees to a fee up front, and competitively bids all the subcontracts obtaining 3 to 5 bids in each work or trade category.  Staalsen then provides the client and architect with an “Open Spread Sheet” of received bids.

The client gains the advantage of competitively low bid prices and the advantage of a general contractor as a building team member early in the project development.

Staalsen can then provide value-engineering advice, economic decisions on alternate materials, systems and designs; and preliminary cost estimates from layouts or schematics to help insure the project can be built within a specified budget.


This process avoids the potential problem of completing the drawing set, putting the project out for competitive general contract bid, and finding that the project as drawn is over budget at which point the client has paid for a set of drawings for a building which they cannot afford to build.